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Welcome to Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace was where the imperial family used to spend their summer months. Explore the spacious palace park with maze, labyrinth and Labyrinthikon Playground and visit the state rooms in the palace where Maria Theresa and Franz Joseph used to live!

The imperial children lived either on the second or third floor of the palace, or on the ground floor. Until the age of six each child had three rooms of his and her own: an anteroom, a salon and a bedroom. Afterwards they were given two rooms more: another anteroom and an audience room (the room where the children received visitors). Their apartment was thus as large as that of every adult member of the imperial family. The servants lived in the adjoining building or, like the children, on the second or third floor of the palace. In all, there were around a thousand servants waiting on the imperial family.

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