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Welcome to the Vienna Hofburg!

In the Imperial Apartments and the Sisi Museum you can get an inside view of the everyday life of Empress Elisabeth and Franz Joseph. What hobbies did they have? And what were the secrets of Sisi’s beauty?

Where did Sisi and Franz Joseph live?

A special children’s guided tour takes you to the Imperial Apartments, thus the apartment of Empress Elisabeth and Emperor Franz Joseph. But the imperial couple lived here only in the winter; in the summer they usually resided in Schönbrunn.

As you roam through the imperial rooms you find out lots of interesting things about the imperial family’s everyday life, about Sisi’s hobbies and the secrets of her beauty.

The nineteen work, living and reception rooms of Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife Elisabeth give you an idea of the imperial lifestyle. The rooms are authentically and historically arranged and decorated, just as they used to be.

But no doubt you’ll have the most fun dressing up and transforming yourself into an imperial majesty: you can try on clothes, uniform jackets, caps and hats to your heart’s content and be kings and queens for a day.

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